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Blair McNamara - Contemporary Art

            Acrylic on canvas                                                      Sandbone                                


          Acrylic on canvas board                                        Photography prints


Blair McNamara is a renowned Queensland artist whose paintings capture the essence of coastal life.
He has been producing paintings, exhibitions and public art commissions for 30 years. His award winning artwork is a chronology of changes occurring along the coastal plain. Growing up in rough, yet simple, surf-town architecture continues to influence his work. In mixed media, photography, sculptural form and painted abstraction he maps how on-going constructs impact the natural order of life.
These works were created by Blair in Australia during July - October of 2013 and are inspired by his year of travel. During March - April he investigated the east coast Tasmania and VIctoria's famous, Great Ocean Road. In May - June he spent time on Mt. Desert Island. On his return to the studio, he identified links between these environments in tone, form and color.